Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Birch Shrink Pots

I love natural crafts, although I'm painfully aware that I need to 'practice what I preach' and actually do some myself!

These Birch Shrink Pots shown above are made by the well known wooden bowl turner revivalist, Robin Wood. With a lid, they look like they'd make an incredibly beautiful herb storage container!

They're made by taking a smallish 'green' birch log and hollowing out the centre and then carving a rim on the inside towards the bottom. A pre-shrunk disc of wood is inserted into the rim in the base and as the pot naturally shrinks, it grips and seals the base - ingenious!

Robin Wood made this 'Porringer' (below) which I've already featured and is, in my eyes, a work of art in itself.

Robin runs courses on spoon carving etc: Carving Courses

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