Monday, 10 January 2011

My wooden bowl

In my last blog entry, I mentioned Robin Wood and the porringer bowl that I bought from him. Well, here's a photo of it in all it's glory.

Actually, this is bowl number 1 which split (just after I took this photo) - the problem in working with natural materials is that there are sometimes defects which don't manifest themselves immediately. Anyway, Robin was really good and sent me a replacement, which I've now had and used for over 2 years and is in excellent condition.

I love to use this bowl. The texture and feel is wonderful, as are the ergonomics. I hold the bowl with my left hand cupping it and with my thumb resting on one of the wings for stability.

With this type of bowl, the wide rim is of course turned complete and the unwanted sections are hand axed off afterwards.

In the YouTube video below, you can see Robin starting with a log and ending up with a bowl, completely made by human power!


Aaron-Paul said...

Hey Martin, Nice of you to join me at my forge, I love the bowl , i have one similar being made for me by a carpenter friend made of bog oak and the handles will be carved in an anglo-saxon design, it will be a copy of one found in an archeology dig in east anglia a few years ago. Look forward to more of your posting :-)

Hawthorn said...

Hi Aaron. Thanks for the comment. Your new bowl sounds like it will be a real treat - hope you'll post a photo. I think I found your blog as you follow one or two that I do - as soon as I saw the title 'Lost Forge of Albion' I thought it would be worth a visit and I was not disappointed. Likewise, I look forward to your forthcoming posts. Martin


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