Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Beautiful House Truck

OK, I realise that this is rose-tinted glasses material, but from time to time, why not?

I'm fascinated by small, portable dwellings, and especially those built onto or into a van etc. In my dream world, I've converted several vans into little 'houses' that I use to have adventures and explore the wonderful countryside in the UK. Whilst this is a wonderfully romantic idea, I know that the reality might be somewhat different and then there's the unhappy grating of my environmental beliefs against using all that diesel to travel with!

Anyway, as a nice distraction, I came across a website which featured a really pretty dwelling built onto the back of a 1950's 'Green Goddess' ex-military, decommissioned fire engine.

Here, on the first exterior shot you can begin to appreciate the beautiful wood used on the body of the house part, although I'm not sure about the blue and yellow paint they've used on the cab etc. Personally, I think a cream or green would have been more to my taste.

I love the rear 'deck' area and you can see a couple of the large rooflights that help to keep the interior bright and airy. Again, not so sure about the blue panels on the side and back - they don't really fit in from a style point of view, and what are they used for I wonder? Nevertheless, the house truck has a striking profile.

Moving to the inside and this is where I start to salivate! The wood finish and style works perfectly in this environment, helped by the fact that it was not shop-bought timber, but self-milled. I like the storage for books (apparently this vehicle was used as a mobile 'art installation' and the books were all post-apocalypse themed, designed to make people 'think'). The stained-glass window looks the part, although as with the exterior, I'm unsure of the blue metal panels. Definitely need a few more cushions on that seat though - I think I'd be spending a lot of time sitting there.

Finally, looking from the back towards the cab, you can really see the wonderful triangular roof lights here, with the right one just above the chimney of the wood burning stove. I'm in love with the little sink and tap which just seems so 'right'. Once again, the rustic, yet perfectly used woodwork compliments the whole thing. Above the cab, it looks like there is a bed, although the headroom is minimal and perhaps not ideal for claustophobics!

In my dreams, this is parked in a woodland, not far from the coast (possibly in Cornwall). The evening is drawing in as I settle down with cup of nettle tea, brewed on the wood burner. There is the feint sweet aroma that you get from a wood burner - comforting and soothing. Now which book shall I read tonight?

Care to join me? Sweet dreams....

You can get more information on the person behind the house truck here:

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Peace, quiet, stillness and mist

Morning Rays
Morning Rays by Tony Armstrong on Flickr

Winter is beginning to rise and gently asking autumn to pass. We've still got relatively warm weather at the moment, but a clear night brings in a chilly mist that looks like the finest gossamer between the moon, stars and the land, not blocking the light, but shifting and softening it.

The last couple of nights and mornings have been virtually windless too, which together with the mist, can bring an eery, still atmosphere. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to the stillness is that the sounds of the roads and not-too distant motorway appear louder and closer than they should.

I don't like it when this peaceful world is invaded and violated in this way. These unnatural noises are now such a part of our lives that we barely notice them. I could never understand how people who live under flight-paths could get used to it, but I suppose even that can just become background noise for some people, but not me, I think.

I can remember being in my garden when we had the solar eclipse a few years back - as well as the peculiar light we got, I remember also the stillness and quiet. The same was true when the we had the petrol delivery strikes in 2001 - there was a calm, a peacefulness, a reclaiming.

Of course, I am a hypocrite. I drive, so I make noise wherever I go, but I do lust for peace, silence and tranquility.

Ahh, the magic of silence.


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