Friday, 17 July 2015

A summer evening

Originally written on 30th June 2015

Walking on a perfect summer evening.

It’s been a hot summer day. As we walk down a tree-lined  path, you can ‘smell’ the cooler air - thank goodness for trees and the welcome shade they provide.

The scent of honeysuckle is in the air as i look directly at the low sun through the trees - suddenly you can see all the insects flitting around.

Around me, I see wild rose, foxglove, horsetail, nettle, holly, hawthorn, hazel and purple clover. The hedges and edge are bursting with growth.

A blackthorn arches over the path as if marking out a transcendental gateway. I wonder where my mind would take me if I mentally stepped through it?

Around me, elderflowers are coming to the end of their season, but I can still bathe my nose in that special sweet yet dry scent.

I walk past a low hanging willow and look up at the pale moon in the light sky.

The peace and tranquility is overwhelming. If only I could bottle and preserve this feeling….

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