Friday, 17 April 2015

Building with Straw Bale and Getting it Right!

In Missouri, USA, there's a place called 'Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage'. If the name isn't beautiful enough, some of the natural buildings being constructed there will win you over!

I've been following the exploits of a guy called Ziggy for quite a few years - he initially built a cob roundhouse with reciprocal frame roof (a lá Tony Wrench of and although it looked beautiful, Ziggy was open and honest about the failings of the building - mainly that pure cob was simply not insulating enough in the cold and damp winters they experience there, and consequently, it became very hard to heat.

Anyway, with the experience of that first building, he and his partner and friends went on to design and build a timber framed and strawbale house called the 'Strawtron' which is now completed and for sale.

The overall design and quality of finish, particularly the fine plasterwork is awe inspiring. I'll let some of the pictures do the talking...

For more information, do check out:

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