Thursday, 10 May 2012

Our daily bread

This is brilliant!

Tom is an artisan baker (surname also Baker) and uses a wood fired 'Earth Oven' to bake bread. He runs his business 'Loaf', a bakery and cookery school, from his home in Stirchley, Birmingham, UK,
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All Music obtained from the, with the exception of 'World of Fox' ( tracks avaiable for preview and download at


Anonymous said...

this kind of bread is VERY popular in stockholm and although I haven´t baked it myself, I do love eating it!
We even have a "dough daycare center" in town, where you can leave your dough if you want to go on a holliday - I think that´s both amusing and clever!

Hawthorn said...

"Dough daycare center" - what a novel idea!


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