Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rise and Root

Rima Staines is a wonderful British artist who keeps an incredibly interesting blog about her life, her paintings and her thoughts. Whilst she is not a prolific blogger, with Rima, it's all about quality and not quantity. My only criticism is that the comments left on her blog are incredibly 'gushing', but maybe that's a reflection of the love people have for her and her work?

In her latest post, she talks about a dream and how she saw a symbol which she interpreted as an Ogham symbol. This led her onto creating the above image 'Rise & Root'. Both the images and the words are incredibly powerful for me:
Rise: against blandness, shopping, concrete, conformity, the pricetag on your days.
Root: in beauty, wild imagination, black earth, stories, otherness, your old heart.
I've blogged briefly about Ogham symbols here:

Rima wants the 'Rise & Root' image to be shared far and wide, so please copy it and post it around. Get it printed on t-shirts or whatever - it'd probably make a great tattoo as well!


laoi gaul~williams said...

ahhh yes i have blogged about this too...i am going to print out some little flyers to hand out or leave in cafes :) spread the word a little!

Hawthorn said...

Well done - I'm going to try to get a t-shirt printed with it on (trying to find an ethical t-shirt etc - any ideas?) Also, did you see that someone had made a high-resolution PDF version of it?


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