Thursday, 10 November 2011

Peace, quiet, stillness and mist

Morning Rays
Morning Rays by Tony Armstrong on Flickr

Winter is beginning to rise and gently asking autumn to pass. We've still got relatively warm weather at the moment, but a clear night brings in a chilly mist that looks like the finest gossamer between the moon, stars and the land, not blocking the light, but shifting and softening it.

The last couple of nights and mornings have been virtually windless too, which together with the mist, can bring an eery, still atmosphere. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to the stillness is that the sounds of the roads and not-too distant motorway appear louder and closer than they should.

I don't like it when this peaceful world is invaded and violated in this way. These unnatural noises are now such a part of our lives that we barely notice them. I could never understand how people who live under flight-paths could get used to it, but I suppose even that can just become background noise for some people, but not me, I think.

I can remember being in my garden when we had the solar eclipse a few years back - as well as the peculiar light we got, I remember also the stillness and quiet. The same was true when the we had the petrol delivery strikes in 2001 - there was a calm, a peacefulness, a reclaiming.

Of course, I am a hypocrite. I drive, so I make noise wherever I go, but I do lust for peace, silence and tranquility.

Ahh, the magic of silence.

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