Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Disposability Consciousness

Great and passionate video of Julia Butterfly Hill.

She talks about 'separation syndrome' as in we are able to think of ourselves as separate from nature, separate from where resources are taken from and separate from where we dump our 'waste', creating a 'Disposability Consciousness'.

She spoke with many native tribes and asked whether they had any native words for 'waste, disposable or trash' - they did not, because all traditional knowledge knows that there is no such thing.

Some key quotes that I got from the video are:
"When you say you are going to throw something 'away', where is 'away'?"
"It's only called waste if you're not using it properly" 
"We cannot have peace on the earth, unless we also have peace with the earth" 
"Our disposability consciousness is a weapon of mass destruction"

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