Monday, 24 January 2011

What's important?

Somedays, you have to say bollocks to Twitter, Facebook and Email.
Somedays, you need to kick yourself and say 'so what'?
Somedays, you just need to look at the trees, or a sunset.
Somedays, you are reminded of who you really are.

Yesterday, it would have been my mum's birthday. She died, quite suddenly, 7 years ago. 

I need to talk to her, there are things I need to say. I'm sure there are things she needs to say to me.

Down to earth with a bang.

Tomorrow? Back to Twitter, Facebook, Email and all that crap. Keep on smiling.

1 comment:

Herbaholic said...

This feeling hits me about once a week, although mine was almost 10 years ago now, some days I cry, some days I get angry and some days I just bl**dy miss her.

SO much that never got said, moments never shared, how I wish things had been different. Keep on smiling Mart and know you're not alone :)


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