Saturday, 1 January 2011

The beautiful art of Izumi Omori

When visiting Devon or Cornwall, we often explore art galleries and alternative shops for interesting cards and prints.

One artist whose work I've admired is Izumi Omori whose paintings have a magical quality and depth and is unlike anything I've seen before.
From her website: 
Izumi’s work features the magic of growth, the miracle of flowers and the life of the trees and hedgerows, alive with bees and insects. Her paintings shimmer with light and living energy, capturing transitory moments of many-layered life and growth in layers of paint and texture. They have both strength and delicacy; a blending of Cornish elements with Japanese style and sensitivity. Izumi’s paintings grow into existence by a process of building up and paring down, allowing the paint to speak and develop as it needs.
Izumi Omori explores her Japanese influences as she absorbs and explores the beauty of Cornwall. Born at the foot of Mt Fuji she has grown up with a love of the spectacular, that nature so willingly offers, Like the pure water of Shiyosenkyo a waterfall near her home town of Kofu, her passion to express the love of her surroundings run deep and vibrant in a enthusiastic colour of learning. 
Each painting is a journey, Sometimes she knows the path she travels and plans each step of it’s creation and sometimes likes to let the materials explode as she endeavours to take control of their ever defiant ways, she then leaves her painting as she reads the textures and reflects apon it’s creation and the influences that surround her, time has no passage as Izumi will only commit to put focus to her expressions, when she feels it is the right time and she understands what she what’s to translate, Izumi will sometimes build a painting to near completion only to tear it down and re-build it in to what it is she believes to be true, she has a great belief in evolution of art. She belives that art should penetrate more than just vision but should touch many other senses and if she can communicate this with her work she will have a found a true way to speak to all.
Please check out her website:

A Secret of Zennor - Izumi Omori

Afternoon Enchantment - Izumi Omori

Bluebell Woods - Izumi Omori

Pass to the New Future - Izumi Omori

Zennor Moon - Izumi Omori


Sarah Head said...

Do you know Sarah Vivien's work? She's based in St Just. I love it.

Hawthorn said...

I've not seen her work, but just looked at her website: - the paintings are beautiful, sort of 'life-like' but with a twist! She captures the landscape so well.

Anonymous said...

I love these delightful images, especially Afternoon Enchantment. I may treat myself to a print at some point! Thanks for sharing this. I'm off to have a look at Sarah Vivien now too.

Hawthorn said...

In the flesh and up close, they look even better. I do like Afternoon Enchantment with its rich, deep colours, although Secret of Zennor 'talks' more to me at the moment!


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