Friday, 8 October 2010

The Rollright Stones

Yesterday, by chance, I found myself a few miles from the Rollright Stones on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. Not only that, but I had my camera with me too!

I've heard about the Rollright Stones before, but never got round to visiting, despite the fact that a family member lives only 10 or so miles away, so with a little time to kill, a visit was definitely in order.

There are actually 3 monuments on the site, the main stone circle - The Kings Men (a late Neolithic stone circle dating 2500-2000 bce, The King Stone (a monolith of middle bronze-age origin) and The Whispering Knights (a 5000 year old burial chamber).

The weather was lovely as I approached the main stone circle. Initially I stood near what looked like the entrance and tried to open myself to any feelings or sensations. It felt wrong to just 'walk in', so I slowly started to walk around the outside of the ring, examining the stones as I went.

I got a strong sense of being grounded, of being part of the earth and I thought about all the people who built the stone circle - who were they, why did they do it and then I thought about all the people who had been here over the ages.

As I continued to walk around the outside of the circle, I was aware that people had placed flowers on some of the stones. There were ribbons tied in the branches of trees. Signs that even today, people are finding significance from this most ancient manmade structure.

Walking between the monument sites I became very aware of the hedgerows - the red Haw berries of the Hawthorn are very prolific at the moment, as were the brilliant red Rosehips and the wonderfully dark Sloes of the Blackthorn. I spent a little time picking some Rosehips and Sloes for a weekend project.

The brilliant red of the Rosehips

Sloes - ripe for the picking
What a wonderful way to spend and hour!

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