Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Nature deficit disorder and the inner child

I spend far too much time on the internet. It has pretty much replaced watching the TV (which actually, I never did much of) to the extent that if you took my TV away, it would probably take me a week to notice! I know I need to curb some of my online time, but occasionally I come across something wonderful which makes it worthwhile.

Not sure how I found this, I think it was via a Twitter 'tweet' from someone I follow. It's a wonderful audio interview and gorgeous slideshow with writer and bushcraft enthusiast Karen Wilde. She talks in such a compelling way about about the essentials of bushcraft, nature deficit disorder, sustainability, and listening to our inner child when it tells us to play outdoors more.

Image from

I think it's worth 30 minutes of your time. Point and click to


Anonymous said...

I would love to learn more about bushcraft, foraging, and other such skills - and it would be a great way to spend less time on the computer too :-)

Hawthorn said...

You just have to go and do it - one small step at a time. Nobody is going to tell you it OK, it's down to you. All over the country, there are nature walks where experienced guides can help you identify which plants are edible/medicinal etc. There might also be other like-minded people in the your area.

Find out what's going on and get out!


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