Saturday, 26 June 2010

It's been ages, but here goes...

I know it's been ages since I've updated things on here and that's bad of me. But, I have been very busy with other things in my life - work & family commitments etc. There's a lot going on in my head about my future 'direction' and finding the courage inside to be my true self - all of which lead me into some depression and deep questioning - not the nicest place to be! Anyway, I will be updating the blog with some of my herbal activities that span back the last few months.

Sunset over my local fields (cameraphone)

I think that May and June must be top contenders for my favourite months of the year. May brings such dramatic changes to the natural landscape as trees, bushes, plants and flowers literally burst into life with such vibrant shades of green. Then come the flowers, which make identification so much easier!

2 years ago, I was doing my daily dog-walking around the local park when I suddenly noticed the beautiful white flower blossom of the hawthorn - from nowhere, it suddenly seemed to be everywhere - as if I'd been wearing dark glasses for all these years and then suddenly I took them off. This is what started me on my current path towards learning more about herbs and plants.

This year, dandelion and elderflower have been visually 'shouting' at me. Other people have said that this year was a good one for dandelion, so I did some harvesting which I'll report on later. Elder seems to be everywhere, revealing itself in June as the flowers burst into life like champagne bubbles - ironic as I am currently trying to make Elderflower Champagne (tried it a couple of weeks ago and failed miserably, so I'm trying once more).

I've loved being able to take my dog on walks and have the time to look around and see what nature is all around - things suddenly become apparent when you take the time to look. My frustration as always hase been being (largely) unable to identify as much as I'd like - I'm getting better and finding new ways and techniques to help myself, but it is frustrating when you want to know everything all at once

Blackthorn in bloom (cameraphone)

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