Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Today is Imbolc - happy Imbolc blessings to everyone! This Sunday, I'm off to Derbyshire to attend an Imbolc ceremony 'Celebrating the Wheel of the Year', run by Glennie Kindred, Rosemary Greenwood, Marion McCartney and Annie Keeling, which I'm really looking forward to.

I attended a Samhain celebration last November at the same place and it was an incredibly moving and spiritual experience!

Imbolc is a celtic/pagan celebration that is held around the end of January/beginning of February (in the northern hemisphere). Following on from Samhain (which is about death - metaphorically speaking - with the energies of life etc being withdrawn into the earth), Imbolc is a celebration of the life-force, of love, of a new cycle of growth, and of new beginnings.

Winter is passing (slowly) and we can begin to move forward into springtime energy. This is a time for planting visions and ideas!

My friend Sarah Head has written a couple of Imbolc stories which are published on one of her blogs at Mercian Muse - please check out 'Singer to the gods' and 'The Wheel of the Year'.

Imbolc drawing by Glennie Kindred:

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Good post - Happy Imbolc to you too!


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