Saturday, 28 November 2009

The Journey Starts Here

I've been accepted by Sarah Head onto her herbal 'simpler apprenticeship' for 2010.

Right now, I've to choose 10-20 herbs to study in greater depth, keep a detailed diary of my herbal journey along with studies of human physiology and much more.

The apprenticeship will take me from a casual observer to someone who will undertake an intimate observation and relationship with these plants. I will hopefully not only be able to recognise them at their peak, but at every stage of their development. I will help nurture some into life (many of course, need no help) and experience their profound gifts of healing, insight and nourishment that they bestow upon those who choose to look.

Whilst this is a new journey for me, I feel like it's a journey of rediscovery, of unearthing the knowledge, feelings and sensations that my ancestors would have simply had to know in order to survive and thrive.

I look forward to everything this coming year will bring. It feels like this is the right place and the right time for me - the synchronicity of the events and happenings of the past few years have brought me to this place so I may honour my ancestors and understand the awesome power of nature.

My chosen herbs are:
  1. Nettle
  2. Plantain
  3. Dandelion
  4. Rosemary
  5. Hawthorn
  6. Elder
  7. St John’s Wort
  8. Valerian
  9. Agrimony
  10. Cleavers
  11. Lemon Balm
  12. Comfrey
  13. Wood Betony
  14. Mullein
  15. Meadowsweet
  16. Calendula

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