Sunday, 15 November 2009

A herbal Aladdin's Cave

When like me, you are at the beginning of your journey into herbalism, one of the biggest problems is having the herbs you want to use to hand. Even if you do have that herb, you've probably got it dried when you need a tincture, or in an oil when you need a vinegar!

Of course you can go and buy dried herbs from a variety of places, but can you really trust your source - do you know what sort of quality the herb is? The answer of course is to harvest yourself and build up your own collection so you have good herbs to hand at all times, but this isn't going to happen overnight.

My friend/teacher and general herbal goddess, Sarah Head has her own collection built up over the years with hard work and dedication. At a course I attended on Saturday, I took the opportunity to take a few photographs of her collection to aspire to...

From Earth Gazer

From Earth Gazer

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