Monday, 15 June 2009

Foster rabbits

We're fostering a pair of rabbits for a few weeks. They came into the rescue centre from a family who bought them for the kids, and of course, the kids loose interest in a few weeks (same old story).

When they arrived, they were terrified and would throw themselves against the side of their enclosure when anyone came near. The rescue wanted them to go with someone who could give them individual attention and get them used to being handled, plus it would enable their character to be assessed before they are put up for re-homing.

This is 'Harebell' in the garden - lovely pose!

This is Harebell's partner, Borage, looking quite cute on the sofa.

They both have great characters, Harebell in particular has really come on and is incredibly inquisitive and loves to jump from the floor onto the sofa, and then onto the top of the sofa!

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